Friday, May 8, 2009

Audio Recording Using Ubuntu 9.04 Within Budget Part 3

  1. Recording Your First Audio

Now that you have sound coming from the mic to your mixer, it's time to check for sound coming from the mixer to your sound card in your computer. First, you must install linux-rt and linux rt-headers, linux image-rt, linux restricted-modules-rt, Ardour, Audacity, qjackctl (This is for your JACK sound server that we need for Ardour and Audacity) and LADSPA plugins: swh-plugin, tap-plugins, caps, etc. After installation, Go to Applications->Sound & Video->Jack Control, for we need to configure JACK first. Click Setup, then follow the recommended settings given below:

    • Server Path: /usr/bin/jackd

    • Driver: ALSA

    • Check Realtime, No Memory Lock.

    • Frames/ Period: 1024

    • Sample Rate: 48000

    • Timeout (msec): 5000

    • Audio: Duplex

After this, press Start. If there are errors, probably you must uncheck realtime if not available, or the driver should be OSS.

If pressing the Start button works, then Ardour should be ready for recording. But before you run Ardour, make sure that if realtime is enabled, you must run Ardour in root, meaning running it with “gksu /usr/bin/ardour2”, then entering your password.

Run Ardour2. In New Session, enter a Name for your audio project. You may choose other folders for your Create Folder In (recommended). Then, click New.

The first thing to do, is to Add a Stereo Track. Below the master track, right-click, then choose Stereo then click Add. Alternatively, you may also add tracks in Track->Add Track/Bus. You would see the track added named “Audio 1”. Change this to a more appropriate name like, “rhythm guitar,” or “vocals.”

Now, to record, click the red button of the track. You must see two blue bars coming up and down. If not, open your ALSA mixer or Volume Control by right-clicking the speaker icon your panel. Click Preferences, and check Capture Recording and Input Source, then close. In Options, choose Stereo Mixer, and on the Recording tab, click the mic icon below. Then check whether there is signal coming from the sound card in Ardour.

Open your mic, click the red button on the transport panel, and hit Play. You must see the playhead moving to the right, with sound waves recording. Click Stop, press the “go to start session” button, and hit the Play button, and you will hear the audio recorded.

Where to go from here? Check out this video tutorial, or read the ardour manual:

to be continued...

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