Monday, November 17, 2008

Web-Sequencer User Manual

Web-Sequencer User Manual (alpha)


Since this is still on alpha stages of the program, there are still some bugs to iron out. Yet, it is tested to be working properly on our system. If you encountered bugs or lost work, we are not responsible because of this. You may report it to us using this email address:


Music has been my passion ever since. I wrote this web application for educational purposes, enjoyment, and to promote striving artists (such as myself) to expose their talents thoughout the world using the miracle of the Internet Age.

Using this application gives users the ability to collaborate together as artists.

In this release, adding sound files, drag and drop support, playing, stopping, and starting works. You can save your work and recreate it; it can retrieve your saved work and show it on the list. But, showing other saved works were not tested yet.

The Application Roadmap: Add collaboration support like saving your friends work and retrieving it. Uploading Sound Files may, or may not be supported.


  • Firefox 3.0 not 3.5

  • Quicktime plugin or Mplayer plugin (which works best)

  • MediaWrap extension for firefox (Windows)

In firefox (Linux): Edit→Preferences→Content You should find MP3 or MPEG layer 3 using Quicktime plugin or Mplayer plugin.

Plug-ins in firefox 2.0

Or, type: "about:plugins" in the address bar of the browser.


Uploading New Sound Files (not yet supported)

  1. Scroll-down; Type a name for the file then click the browse button to locate your file.

Warning: You may only upload MP3 files. Other formats are not supported!

Uploading MP3 Files

  1. Click "Upload" button.

Inserting Sound Files

  1. Scroll down; choose the Sound File you want to insert then Click "Insert" button.

Inserting sound files

  1. Scroll up; you will see a light blue bar on the upper left corner, below the Music Sequencer Title. This bar represents the sound file you inserted.

blue bar sound file inserted

  1. Double-click, hold, drag, release! the blue bar, and position it in the track. The Track is represented by colors light blue and sky blue inside the frame.

tracks light blue and sky blue

Deleting Sound Files (Blue Bars)

  1. Click on the Delete Check Box.

  2. Click on the Blue Sound Files to Delete.

  3. Uncheck the Delete Checkbox.

Copying Sound Files

After Inserting your Sound File, in the corresponding track, click the "Copy" button.

It will copy the sound file and insert another bar. The copied bars will have a distance according to the first sound file on the track between the yellow and blue/red track.

Copying Sound Files

Saving Your Work

  1. To save a session,

  2. Click button "Get Data," then, "Save Data."

Retrieving your Saved Sessions

  1. Scroll down; You will see "Links of Saved Sessions."

  2. Click on the User Name to retrieve the Saved Session.

  3. Click "Recreate" button.

--End of User Manual Web-Sequencer alpha--