Monday, March 15, 2010

Got Ripped-Off by Globe Telecom

Last year, I created a Java app game with a dancing 3D avatar (not the movie) that dances along with a tune (It took me months of hard work to make it), and it got rejected because they said that it has no music when the game starts. I kept telling them that it runs fine with the emulator and I even bought a cellphone just to test the app and works just fine. Obviously, I stopped developing it since they rejected it because of that. Now, a few months later, they added the same concept game to their app store called Deer Dance Mania. Very sad since they are a rich telecom company and I am just a lone developer and they ripped me off. On top of that, they even rated it as five-stars. I tell you, when you're are starting out to develop apps, and you are not affiliated with a company, don't bother.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stream Your Videos To Your Friends Without Uploading To A Website

This is possible with the new Opera browser. It turns your computer to a web server, which can stream videos to anyone you give access to WITHOUT uploading to a web site (which takes hours to upload and consumes much bandwidth). Unite is what is called (Although, I'm experiencing some disconnection with the computer your connecting to sometimes). I even rip my VCDs to mpeg using K3B, then convert it to MP4 using Kdenlive, then download it using a web browser to my mobile phone.