Saturday, May 9, 2009

Audio Recording Using Ubuntu 9.04 Within Budget Part 4

  1. Editing In Audacity

I use Ardour for multi-track recording, like for example recording different instruments and vocals on separate tracks to create a song, and adding effects for each track. You can also use Ardour for sends and inserts as demonstrated on the video tutorial I listed in my previous blog. But, I find it more convenient editing the whole song when exporting it to a wav file in Audacity, or mastering (This is by preference, you can also use other sound editor) because of the noise removal feature. You can also add effects, adjust volume, amplify, compression and every LADSPA plugins in Ardour is also available in Audacity.

Since we are using JACK as our sound server, we should also use this for Audacity: First, make sure JACK is running using the JACK control by pressing Start. Run Audacity->Edit->Preferences->Playback and Recording Device: JACK Audio Connection Kit. Then, File->Import->Audio, and select the wav file you exported from Ardour.

    • Removing Noise

Once you have imported the sound file, you can remove background noise, or hiss by using the Noise Removal feature. First, select the sound noise sample we need to remove by click dragging the mouse on the sound wave on the timeline. Then, Effects->Noise Removal, then click Get Noise Profile. After that, select the region which you want to apply noise removal by click dragging the sound wave on the timeline. Effects->Noise Removal then click Ok.

For more info, visit these links. You can also find video tutorials here:

  1. Conclusion

Now that we learned making our own recording studio within budget, keep in mind these are only the basics. There are a lot to learn from other sources or links I have provided where you can create music, podcasts, ringtones and other masterpieces. Linux maybe free, because we have the freedom to fly! :)

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