Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Change somethings in Gnome and Nautilus

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Hi all,

I was wondering how could I change the following in the Ubuntu desktop (Intrepid latest updates):

1) Change the color or put a background to Nautilus lateral panel? you know, the one where the file tree appears, not where the files appear (which is easy to change)...

2) Change or restore the upper right corner icon of the foot, which moves when something is loading in Nautilus?... it seems the icon theme i am using is not very well fitted with it and i like the one that comes by default (but only that one)

3) Change the size of all the icons in the gnome desktop?, I think the size specially of some document thumbnails is excessively big...

Thanks for the help!!
1) Open a Nautilus window (Places>Home)

* click edit
o click "Backgrounds and Emblems"
+ drag and drop the texture or picture of your choice into the frame.

2) There is a way, but I have forgotten it; theming is talked about a bit at http://gnome-look.org
3) Easiest of all:

* Open a Nautilus window (Places>Home)
o Click Edit
+ Click Preferences
# On the "Views" Tab choose a different "Default Zoom Level"

GL and Have fun.
Rob aka starcannon

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