Monday, January 19, 2009

How GNU/Linux Is Saving The Economy, The Environment, And Even Your Soul

We can't escape the fact that we are facing tough economic times. I know that for sure since I can hear the complaints, frustration and anger of the people who are experiencing financial problems, and urging them to buy original software of popular products is not an option they could choose, forcing themselves to buy pirated; selling their souls just to have jobs.

Linux is saving the economy by saving money, so they can buy other neccessities like food, clothing, and a roof to sleep in, while staying competitive in the market, since Linux is updated and upgraded for free! It is also saving employees from being laid-off since businesses will use the remaining resources for workers than buying new, expensive equipments, buying new hardware and software.

I've watched the news lately about eco-solutions and why old electronics are ruining the environment, even exporting them to other countries to get rid of these. One company found a good solution by recycling used or non-working equipments, computers, thus saving the environment. Linux is saving the environment by using it to give life to old computers. In the village I'm living in, students in our school is still using Pentium I computers having Linux installed. I mean these computers are really obsolete, but it is still usable because of Linux and even giving the students education to learn about computers and technology.

I've been a Linux user for two years, and working as a programmer doing small projects. What I never realized then that as a developer, I learned to share code because it is created using open source. FOSS helped me become a giver rather than making money for the work I did, and profiting only for myself. It made me learn collaboration, and generosity, thus saving my soul.

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