Friday, October 28, 2011

Kdenlive Problem ? Easy Fix : Stupeflix Video Editor

No Kdenlive? So what!?! Here's another great solution: Stupeflix Video Editor for Google Chrome from Google Chrome Web Store. Works great! Even my sister likes it; even my dog; and make Puss in Boots look green in envy. It's like your video masterpiece was made using Apple's iMovie! It's like having a Mac!

The great thing about this is rendering of videos is blazing fast, it doesn't need a high-end PC since it uses its own servers on the cloud. The only required is fast, broadband connection to upload your videos. But, to make your videos great, make it short and simple. I used Pitivi once to just cut or slice the videos into small bits and upload them altogether, choose a theme or template and there you have it: Hollywood at its finest that it makes me meow for more!!! :)

Hey, how about a Puss in Boots costume?

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