Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ubuntu 9.10: The Windows 7, Mac OSX Alternative

If you are a new user, download the default Gnome version in ubuntu website:
If you like a different looking desktop, which is similar to the Windows interface, download Kubuntu:
If you have a netbook, download the Ubuntu Netbook Remix version in ubuntu website:
If you have a slow computer like a Pentium II, download and install Xubuntu:
If you are an artist, download Ubuntu Studio:
If you are a student or you like to use it in schools for children, download Edubuntu:
If you like to use it to your business, download Ubuntu Server Edition in ubuntu website:

Of course, you may install these different flavors on your default ubuntu install: System->Administration->Synaptic, search ubuntu-desktop (for Gnome), kubuntu-desktop (for KDE), xubuntu (for XFCE), edubuntu (For Education Ubuntu).

Read the review here:

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