Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How To Put Title Bar On Blender (Windowed) Using Intel Video Card

Using the previous method won't work under Intel graphics card. The workaround is to use the default windows manager Metacity, without the effects.

1.First, create a text file with this one line:

metacity --replace | blender -w -p 0 0 x y (x is height, and y is length) Eg. 1024 and 768.

2.Save the file as “blender-metacity”.
3.Edit Gnome Menu. Right-click on the menu, then Edit Menus.
4.Click on Graphics, then on the right, Blender (windowed).
5.Click Properties.
6.On the command box click Browse, then choose the text file you created.
7.That's it!

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