Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ubuntu 16.04 Out Now!

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is here!!!

There has been so many developments in Ubuntu lately. These are the release of an Ubuntu phone, tablet and the new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS version for desktops. I can’t speak anything about the phone or tablet since I don’t have them but the news about convergence of desktops to phones are the main topics. So, what is the story of convergence? It means that using one code base for all of devices. Whether this is a phone or a tablet and even desktops, uses only one Ubuntu ISOs — The desktop OS that we have grown to love is the same also that powers the phone and tablets. Which also mean fewer code base to maintain. And, this is good news for us since Ubuntu became mainstream, for what we have been familiarize for years and loved, is the same across all devices. What we have learned over the years can be applied to other areas inside the Ubuntu ecosystem.

Is Ubuntu 16.04 the version of convergence? The answer is no, not yet. We have to wait for the 18.04 to come out after a year or so (yeah, what a bummer). Everyone thinks this latest version is the converged platform and yet we have to be patient again for the next release and finally have we have been waiting for. So, relax man! :)

This latest release version, 16.04 is not that of a whimper. It’s a more polished version of 14.04 (I guess so from what I’ve read online), and I still have to test it for sure. It’s still looks great, and a familiar desktop we all have used to love! And, it’s still FREE!

Check it out here: