Friday, April 6, 2012

Play Supreme Commander 2 In Ubuntu 11.1 Using PlayOnLinux

You can play Supreme Commander 2 (Steam version) in Ubuntu 11.10 using PlayOnLinux.

  • Install PlayOnLinux from Ubuntu Software Center.
  • In PlayOnLinux (POL), install Steam.
  • Log-in to your Steam account and buy Supreme Commander 2, then Click Install.
  • After download, just click Play.

Note: There is no sound when you launch Supreme Commander 2 from the shortcut icon on your Desktop, it must be launched in Steam. You must also choose the correct Hardware in Sound Settings in Ubuntu.

You may also configure your Wine settings in POL, Sound Settings and choose Jack rather than ALSA. Then, launch QJackCtl (Jack Control) and Start. If you haven't configured Jack, just search my previous posts regarding this.

Also, there are some artifacts showing when in Full-screen in SupCom 2, therefore use Windowed mode in Video Settings. But, problem is, you can't see the Interface of SupCom 2 below.

To fix this, in Steam, right-click on SupCom2 in Library->Properties->Advanced Launch Options, and type in, "-window 1366 768." (without quotation marks) depending on your screen size.


Another note: Multi-player not tested yet.

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