Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kubuntu 11.04 Partitioning Your Hard Drive

Although you can install the KDE desktop on your Ubuntu Gnome or Unity, it's better to install it as dual-boot and creating a partition for it. Don't forget to create an extended partition rather than primary partition since your drive can accommodate only 4 primary partitions. The recommended partitioning scheme would be:

/ - root should have enough space for the entire OS and additional software. In my experience, it's better to assign at least 100 GB, for applications, games, etc.
/boot - boot partition should have at least 250 MB.
/swap - This depends on your installed RAM or memory. If you have 4GB of RAM or less, assign 2GB or more.

Kubuntu is a flavor of Ubuntu that uses KDE as Desktop Manager like Gnome or Unity for Ubuntu. There are others, like Xubuntu for lower-cpu computers, Edubuntu for schools and others.

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