Monday, October 18, 2010

Fruity Loops 9 in Ubuntu 10.04 Using Wine and PlayOnLinux

Fruity Loops 9 works in Ubuntu using PlayOnLinux. Just install it in PlayOnLinux, but errors will occur during installation, just press Ok and it will continue the installation process. If you purchased it, you can import the registry keys in PlayOnLinux: Configure->Registry Editor->File->Import registry.

What I've tried: Using Presets, Generators, Effects, MIDI recording (although there is some lag). What I do is record MIDI using Muse, edit it, and export it to a MIDI file, then import in Fruity Loops, export to a WAV file and import it to Ardour, edit the mixdown in Audacity for post-production. You can print musical notes in Rosegarden using the MIDI file.

You can also use LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) for soundfonts that you can download on the Internet.

That's it!

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Ta-Wan said...

The solution is so simple. But I'm very glad you were there to tell me. Thanks!