Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 is Finally Here!

On launch day, I immediately downloaded the Live CD, before finding out that Ubuntu missed a bug that would not detect other OS if you dual-boot from Windows and Ubuntu. Fortunately, they have fixed the problem as soon as possible, so I downloaded it again today.

If you have a previous installation of prior versions, it is recommended that you clean-install rather than upgrading using the Update Manager tool since I tried it and had some bugs like no title bars in administrator account, the grub 2 installation did not install it in my first hard drive (since I dual-boot), but at upgrade, it asks for partitions to install grub to (you must not miss this). Of course, it is recommended to backup all your precious data before being adventurous.

What I did was, burn to a CDR, then using USB Disk Creator, install a Live Ubuntu on a USB drive without persistence (because it takes time to boot), then reboot. In your BIOS, choose to boot from the live USB drive, then from there, install to your partition you want. Remember to check the disk to write the bootloader (grub) to in the final step before installation by clicking the Advanced button, and choose the partition. After that, everything looks good from here.

Let's thank all the people who contributed in this great software!


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