Sunday, June 7, 2009

Java Basics Using Qt Jambi Tutorial

Parameters and Arguments – Parameters are what we pass in variables in methods. We already seen this in previous examples:


import java.lang.*;

public class VehicleMoving{

public static int gear;

public static int speed;

public VehicleMoving(int gear){

this.gear = gear;


public void accelerate(){


case 1:

speed = 10;

System.out.println("the car is moving at " + speed);break;

case 2:

speed = 20;

System.out.println("the car is moving at " + speed);break;



public static void main(String[] args){

VehicleMoving car = new VehicleMoving(1);


VehicleMoving car2 = new VehicleMoving(2);




Vehicle constructor expects one argument which is (1) with the parameter gear. 1 is an integer, so it must have data types int vehicle (int gear).

Remember these Rules:

  1. The method call or class instance of constructors must have the same number of arguments or parameters.

  2. The arguments passed-in should have the same data type.

to be continued...

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