Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just the Other Day...

           Just the other day I was searching every posts in forums on how I could get my blender running since it keeps on crashing on my new laptop. Yeah, I am using Ubuntu GNU/Linux version 7.10- the latest. My first thought was blender uses OpenGL and that is connected to the video card. And since this is the newest laptop around, I guess Ubuntu's latest version didn't have the capability to render correctly on my laptop, but I got graphics though and with a few tweaks, I have desktop effects, which is cool. I can see the driver I am using is Intel's experimental driver. So, I got connected and browsed the forums. Fortunately, I read this post saying that he tried to use the vesa driver instead of intel's. I typed in my console $dpkg -reconfigure xserver-xorg, and chose vesa as my default and restarted my desktop manager. Behold, blender is working perfectly! Sure, 3D acceleration is not available maybe in a month or so still, it's ok.

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The Jort said...

Hi Jun,

I got same problem like yours when trying to install ubuntu on my laptop before and lost the apetite in pursuing ubuntu community. After reading this post, I'm eager to reinstall ubuntu on my machine now.