Monday, September 24, 2007

How To's Web Development in Linux

Web Development in Linux

   I. Installing Requirements:

      A. Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP (LAMP)

         $sudo aptitude install php5 apache2 mysql-server
         (link here)

      B. (another alternative) XAMPP

         How To Setup (link here)

   II. Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

      A. Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT)

         (updated) you can just go to this link and download Complete Package from Zend. (tnx to yossi leon for pointing this out).

         1. extract. run eclipse executable.

      B. (another IDE) Quanta Plus

         1.System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager
         2.Install Quanta.

            a. Installing the PHP debugger for Quanta

               i. How To Setup (link here) click on the link: "PHP Debugging with Gubed"

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Yossi Leon said...

Instead of downloading PDT all in one from Eclipse and Zend Debugger from Zend, you can simply download PDT all in one from Zend and by that have Zend Debugger already inside -